Friday, January 14, 2011

Can Chemical Fertilizers Make You Sick?

I was recently talking to a gentleman from Utah that is moving into the Organic Lawn care business. We had a great discussion about topdressing with compost and he was sharing with me all the great results he has had. Part of the discussion was the problem with getting people to switch because many people want instant results, kind of like fast food for your lawn, which does not occur when going organic because you first have to deal with improving the poor soil that the customer has been growing grass on that is addicted to chemicals. We know that over a two to three years the result will be better simply because the grass is growing in healthy soil. So how do you help people understand? during the conversation we were talking about when you apply chemicals you should not let your pets or children go on the lawn and the contractor told me a story about how he was putting down fertilizer on a lawn one day and forgot to wash his hands before he ate his lunch. Within 2 hours he was sick and throwing up. So the question is if your children or pets go on to a lawn that was recently treated do you think they act in a sterile way. Heck no the children and pets are rolling around on the grass, putting their hands in their mouth or in the case of pets just licking some thing up off the yard. Bang, they get a dose of chemicals. The best prevention is using a good quality compost because there is no fear of the rolling on an organic product that is safe.
Now do you get it?

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